“Tahu kau mengapa aku sayangi kau lebih dari siapa pun? Karena kau menulis. Suaramu takkan padam ditelan angin, akan abadi, sampai jauh, jauh di kemudian hari.”

(Pramoedya Ananta Toer)


  1. Jaume

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I´ve seen that you have a blogwere you talk about the book Le Petit Prince from Antoine de Saint-EXupéry, Pangeran Kecil.

    I´m a Publisher and a collectionist of Le Petit Prince in different languages.

    For so many years I´ve been looking for the first edition of Pangeran Kecil published in Indonesia in 1979 by Pustaka Jaya.

    I don´t know how to say that is so important to me to could find this special edition, and for taht reason I can offer 100 us$ to whom may help me to find it.

    I would really thank you if you could contact me back,

    Thank you so much for your attention,

    Cordially yours,

    Jaume Arbonés

  2. admin

    @jaume: send regards from my husband: Koen ( 🙂

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