“Menulis adalah bekerja untuk keabadian.”

(Pramoedya Ananta Toer)


  1. Dear Sir or Madame,

    I´ve seen that you have a blogwere you talk about the book Le Petit Prince from Antoine de Saint-EXupéry, Pangeran Kecil.

    I´m a Publisher and a collectionist of Le Petit Prince in different languages.

    For so many years I´ve been looking for the first edition of Pangeran Kecil published in Indonesia in 1979 by Pustaka Jaya.

    I don´t know how to say that is so important to me to could find this special edition, and for taht reason I can offer 100 us$ to whom may help me to find it.

    I would really thank you if you could contact me back,

    Thank you so much for your attention,

    Cordially yours,

    Jaume Arbonés

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